Frederick Keys Hey Arnold Jersey

Last year the Frederick Keys had a Rugrats Jersey for the 90s Nickelodeon Jersey, and they’re at it again, this time with Hey Arnold Jerseys, check them out below.


For the Mid-Late twenty-somethings (myself included) this is an excellent throwback filled with nostalgia. It’s one of several Nickelodeon Jerseys I grew up watching, and it’s refreshing to see a MiLB team sporting a jersey from that time.  The more I see themed nights like this from MiLB teams, the more I wonder why MLB teams aren’t doing jerseys like this.

I know that there are MLB teams that pay homage to the Negro League and the Mexican fanbase (the Brewers are the only team I can think off of the top of my head), but jerseys like this go well beyond that. The Frederick Keys are the Class-A Advanced Affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles named for Star Spangled Banner poet Francis Scott Key.

Today’s featured prospects are Josh Hart and Tanner Scott.

Josh Hart, OF


The Orioles picked up Hart in the 2013 Supplement Draft, where they gave him $1.45 million. They thought highly of his potential that he has yet to reach, but still has all the tools to do so. Harts best defensive skills lie in playing center-field. He was only 20 during the 2015 season, so there is still plenty of time for Hart to live up to his potential.

Scouting grades: Hit: 45 | Power: 30 | Run: 60 | Arm: 40 | Field: 55 | Overall: 40

Tanner Scott, LHP 


Scott has hit 100 MPH on the gun before,  in 42 1/3 innings last season, the 21-year-old struck out 60 batters and posted a 3.83 ERA. His heater is currently the only useful pitch in his repertoire and he has work to do on his secondary pitches before he can be a reliable starter. If he relied solely on his heat, he could fast track as a late inning reliever, but it seems for now that Scott wants to be a starter.

Scouting Grades

Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 60 70 93-96 98 Velocity: 70/80
Movement: 50/50
Command: 30/40
SL 40 50 85-86 87 Movement: 50/50
Command: 30/40

Portland Sea Dogs Top Gun Night

Straight out of a Halloween party is the Top Gun Jersey’s from the Portland Sea Dogs.

sea dogs

They’re cool enough for Maverick and Goose. The weird thing is that Top Gun is 30 years old, older than a lot of younger people who enjoy MiLB games and me, but these jerseys are still cool enough for us to like. I have seen Top Gun, but it feels like the experience is way different when you’re old enough to remember it coming out in Movie Theaters.

It’ll be akin to when Star Wars VII has its 3oth Anniversary; I’ll be able to remember when it came out in movie theaters and had a sort of different appreciation for the 3oth anniversary of it.

The Portland Sea Dogs are the current Double-A Affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, having been their affiliate since 2003 and play in the Eastern League.  Today’s featured prospects are Andrew Benintendi and Teddy Stankiewicz.

Andrew Benintendi, OF


Benintendi has the potential to be a regular everyday center fielder for the Red Sox. He has the tools to play all outfield positions, but he lacks the raw power needed to play in the corners.  He also requires raw batting power and plate discipline  but has all the makings of a future major league centerfielder.

Teddy Stankiewicz, RHP 


Stankiewicz projects to be a four or five starter for various reasons. Reasons which include that he has consistency issues, but throws strikes. He lacks the flash needed to be in the top-middle of the rotation, but throws strikes and gets outs with his four-pitch repertoire. Has pitching smarts that make up for his lack of flash and ability to get quick outs.

Tennessee Smokies Star Wars Night

Until about two seconds ago, the Potomac Nationals had the coolest Star Wars Jersey I had ever seen. That changed when I saw this jersey from the Tennessee Smokies.

han solo smokies

Seeing Han Solo frozen in Carbonite was one of the defining moments of Star Wars for me. There are three of those moments really when Luke says No to “Luke I am your father” and also when Han replies “I know” to Lei saying “I love you.” To me, those are the three greatest moments in the original Star Wars Trilogy.

So you can imagine how much I geeked out when I saw this tweet. It is awesome. Hands down, no other Star Wars Jersey can compare. I’ll never be convinced otherwise. This jersey makes all the tweets and sites I scroll through looking for jerseys worth it.

To see unique things like this-I can’t even describe how awesome I think it is. For me it solidifies the argument that MiLB is more entertaining than any other form of organized baseball.

The Tennessee Smokies are the Double-A Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs playing in the Southern League and the franchise history in East Tennessee dates back over one hundred years . Today’s featured prospects are Billy McKinney and Mark Zagunis.

Billy McKinney, OF


McKinney is currently the number two Cubs prospect according the MLB Pipeline having come to the Cubbies via the Jeff Samardzija trade in 2014. McKinney hits for contact and gets on base at a high rate. His defense is average to below that but he makes up for that at the plate, hitting a lot of contact consistently and being selective in his swing selection, giving him a high OBP, here’s an example of said swinging selection.

Mark Zagunis, OF 


Zagunis is currently number nine on the same MLB Pipeline list. As noted by both Baseball America and MLB Pipeline he has the best plate discipline in the Cubs System. He has the athletic ability to play both corners in outfield, but is lacking on some arm strength. Chicago is loaded in the outfield, so he may never make it the majors with them, but he is valuable prospect regardless.

Columbia Fireflies Star Wars Night

Back to Star Wars Night, here’s a cool Chewbacca Jersey that the Columbia Fireflies wore last night for their Star Wars Night.

The Fireflies are my hometown team (sort of, I graduated from high school in Columbia), and this is a cool Chewy Jersey. It’s also something a little different from Star Wars Jerseys. Usually, MiLB teams sport a Rebel Alliance or StormTrooper Jersey, so that is something else which is cool.

As is the case with every themed night; after the game the FireFlies auctioned off the jerseys after the game for a good cause. In addition to the neat little jerseys that MiLB teams do for themed nights, it’s refreshing to seem them auction off the game worn jerseys for a good cause. Everyone always wins when this happens.

The Fireflies are the Single-A Affiliate for the New York Mets; this is their first year in Soda City after relocating from Savannah, Georgia. I talked about their history when they unveiled their mascot and logo over the winter; you can read about it here. Today’s featured prospects are Milton Ramos and Dash Winningham,

Milton Ramos, SS


Ramos is a top 15 prospect for the Mets and was considered to be one of the best defensive shortstops in the 2014 draft when the Mets drafted him. Ramos has good speed, and power off the bat, better than other shortstops in Low-A. But he has performed better than expected defensively, keeping him in Low-A and Rookie League Ball.

Dash Winningham, 1B 


Winningham is a Prince Fielder type first baseman. He can muscle balls over the fence regularly, but that’s about it. He lacks good bat speed and good glove defense (which is why he is a first baseman and always will be). Winningham was another 2014 draft pick by the Mets He’s 6’2″ and weighs 230 pounds. He doesn’t have the fast twitch, but that shouldn’t stop him from putting up impressive power numbers.

Norfolk Tides Armed Forces Night

With Memorial Day coming up at the end of the month, it’s no surprise that the Norfolk Tides had an Armed Forces Night with the digital camo jerseys below.

Now that’s cool. I’ve seen other Military Appreciation jerseys, like the one below from the Round Rock Express (which had the names of submitted Military members).

Round Rock Express

Or this one from the Tacoma Rainers

Tacoma Rainers
Of these three (I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones I found in researching for this post) I like the Norfolk Tides uniform best. The digital camo is cool and shows solidarity (in my opinion) that we all support our Armed Forces, whether they be active members or military veterans. It’s an honor to serve our country, and itis good to see MiLB showing appreciation to our veterans.  The Norfolk Tides are the Triple-A Affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles playing in the International League. The team began it’s history in the South Atlantic League in 1961 as the Tidewater Tides. Today’s featured prospects are Christian Walker and Trey Mancini.

Christian Walker, 1B/OF 


Going into 2015, Walker was a highly touted prospect for the O’s but a disappointing 2015 saw his stock slide a bit. He’s projected to be a quality hitter down the road as seen here.  However, Walker’s limited mobility and his lack of defense will keep him playing either at first or as a DH if he ever makes it to the big leagues especially given that Walker is a top ten prospect will Chris Davis ahead of him.

Trey Mancini, 1B


Mancini is another power hitter for the O’s, another hitter who has raw power, but doesn’t draw a ton of walks. As well doesn’t have the greatest glove. He’s more akin to Steve Pierce and is another top ten prospect for Baltimore. He has all the makings of a major leaguer-natural talent, raw power, major league size and is an offensive juggernaut in the minors. As his glove gets better its only a matter of time before he finds himself playing in Camden Yards.


Lakewood BlueClaws Harry Potter Jersey

A week from tomorrow my inner pre-teen self will be jumping for joy as the Lakewood BlueClaws are having a Harry Potter night, complete with a golden snitch giveaway.

If I do so say myself-what a time to be alive. I’m looking at various jerseys throughout the years, and this is first Harry Potter one I have seen (not saying that it’s never been done, I’ve just never seen another one), and it’s amazing. Harry Potter has been a hot topic in pop culture for well over a decade now and its crossing over into the MiLB. Unfortunately for me, there’s no possible way I could be in Lakewood, New Jersey next Friday, trust me if I could I would.

The Lakewood BlueClaws are the Single-A affiliate of the Philadelphia Phillies playing their home games at FirstEnergy Park, having been affiliated with the team since 2001. Today’s featured prospects are Elniery Garcia and Alberto Tirado.

Elniery Garcia, LHP

Elniery Garcia

Signed out of the Dominican Republic in 2011, Grullon’s fastball sits in the low 90sm, which is accompanied with a curveball and a changeup. Grullon pounds the strike zone with his pitches but lacks consistency which has kept him in the minors. He’s only 21 so there is plenty of time for Grullon to get stronger and more consistent on the mound.

Alberto Tirado, RHP


Tirado’s arm strength has always been the talk among scouting coaches. But he has struggled with control. He throws a fastball in the low 90s, as well as having a slider and a changeup in his pitching repertoire. Although, he has never been able to control any of his pitches, leading to a lack of many professional pitches. Ultimately, he was moved to the reliever role in 2015, which given his control and lack of deep runs made sense.  In 77.1 IP in the minors, Tirado has posted a 2.68 ERA.

Trenton Thunder Paint The Park Pink Jerseys

This Friday Trenton Thunder is hosting a Paint the Park Pink night in partnership with Radiology Affiliates Images to help spread breast cancer awareness.  You can see that not only are they auctioning off the jersey’s worn during the game, but as well the first 1,000 fans are going to get a commemorative hat (that’s the cherry on top of the sundae if you ask me).

Fresh off the heels of Mothers Day, this is a smart choice for a themed night, but it’s also cool in the sense that pink jerseys are reserved for October, so this is a neat little break from the norms of baseball.  Here’s an image of pink jerseys the Thunder wore in 2011, as you can see even though the theme is the same, the jersey has changed.

trenton 2011

The Thunder are the AA Affiliate of the New York Yankees, playing in the Eastern Division of the Eastern League, having been an affiliate of the Yankees since 2003 and play their games at Arm & Hammer Park. Today’s featured prospects are Cale Coshow and David Kubiak.

Cale Coshow


Coshow was drafted by the Yankees in the 13th round of 2013 Amateur Draft out of Oklahoma Christian.  Baseball Prospectus has his fastball at a grade of

Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 60 70 93-96 97

Which puts him at best to be a middle reliever, which is the role he plays at with the Thunder, posting an ERA of 2.99 over four seasons in the Yankees Farm System.

David Kubiak 

Trenton Thunder pitcher Daniel Camarena (left) welcomes 26 year-old right handed reliever David Kubiak into the bullpen before a game against the Harrisburg Senators at ARM & HAMMER Park in Trenton on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Photo by Martin Griff

Trenton Thunder pitcher Daniel Camarena (left) welcomes 26 year-old right handed reliever David Kubiak into the bullpen before a game against the Harrisburg Senators at ARM & HAMMER Park in Trenton on Saturday, May 7, 2016. Photo by Martin Griff

Kubiak is back in organized ball after spending four years playing independent ball in the Atlantic League. Drafted by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays in 2011, Kubiak spent just one year in organized ball before going to play in the independent leagues.

In those five seasons Kubiak has gone 18-12 with a 2.44 ERA, while striking out 243 over 210 innings of work. At 26 years old, his time to make it to the big leagues is getting dimmer by the inning pitched.