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Toledo Mud Hens Ghostbusters Jersey

There has only been one unique MiLB jersey I’ve ever seen in action. Seeing that jersey has what started a journey that led me to start this blog. Specifically, it is the GhostBusters Jersey from the Toledo Mud Huns



I went to school just down the road from Toledo, Ohio (where the Mud Hens play their games at Fifth Third Field) and being an avid baseball fan I attended more than one Mud Hens game. In part due to the University, I attended held events to Mud Hens Games. Anyway, I was fortunate enough to see the Mud Hens Ghostbusters jerseys in action when the Mud Hens took on the Charlotte Knights. Here is a quick promo from the Mud Hens Instagram:

How cool is this!?!?!? Having themed nights is one way that MiLB totally outdoes MLB. MLB has special promotion nights, and there are some instances they were different jerseys (Negro League Appreciation weekend in Detroit,┬áCerveza night in Milwaukee) but in no way does an MLB team come anywhere close to doing something like this, which I LOVE. If more MLB teams did nights like this it’d be awesome and really seeing this jersey in action is what inspired me to dive deeper into MiLB jerseys and caps and the history around them.

Baseball in Toledo has a storied history dating back to the 1880s, but the current incarnate of the Mud Hens begins in 1965. In 1965, they joined the International League and have been in the IL’s West League ever since being affiliated with the Yankees(’65-’66), the Tigers (’67-’73), the Phillies (’74-’75), the Indians (’76-’77), the Twins (’78-’86) and since 1987 they’ve been affiliated with the Tigers who are just sixty miles north of them. The Mud Hens name has been used by teams since 1896. Prior to their most recent incarnate the Mud Hens played in the American Association

The Mud Hens name has been used by teams since 1896. Prior to their most recent incarnate the Mud Hens played in the American Association, from 1902-1913 and from 1916-1955. Hall of Famer Casey Stengel managed the Mud Hens for a period of time, even leading them to a pennant in 1927. Their next dance with success wouldn’t come until 1968 when they’d win the IL Championship followed by winning it again in ’05 and ’06.

Billy Beane, who gained notoriety for his Moneyball approach with the Athletics spent some time playing for the Mud Hens. However, the most notable alumni of the Mud Hens is Jim Thorpe, who played his last season of baseball with the Mud Hens hitting .358 in 113 games, along with 181 hits, 36 doubles, 13 triples, and 9 home runs.