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San Jose Giants SpongeBob Jersey

Today’s jersey post features the San Jose Giants and their Spongebob Jersey to help support the Bay Area Make A Wish Foundation.

Many MiLB teams have a themed night; the staple has become a Star Wars Themed evening. There are other times, like this jersey, where the Teams auction off the Jersey for a good cause. It’s certainly not the first time. It’s the best thing, though that MiLB teams can do.

For multiple reasons, the first and most important is that the Jerseys are auctioned off after the game for a good cause. Which, lets the fans be a part of the game and raises money for a good cause. This also allows people who normally attend the games, to do so. Which is really cool.

Sure, you have the baseball traditionalists and stats geeks are there for the love of the game, but baseball is a game of entertainment and these jerseys bring people to the fields that normally wouldn’t go. That’s a big positive for the sport of baseball.

For every Star Wars Night, there’s a special jersey night like the one above and I think they make the game better than it already is.

The San Jose Giants are the currently the Class-A Advanced Affiliate of the San Jose Giants of the California League.  Today’s featured prospects are Chris Shaw and Sam Coonrod.

Chris Shaw, 1B


Chris Shaw is a first round pick out of Boston College who posted stats of .287/.360/.551 with 12 homers, 19 walks, 41 strikeouts in 178 at-bats in Northwest League. He has huge power, but his defense needs a lot of work before he can find himself playing in the majors.

Sam Coonrod, RHP 


Coonrod was a fifth-round pick out of Southern Illinois. In Low-A ball last season he posted 3.14 ERA with 114/34 K/BB in 112 innings. Coonrod has a low-to-mid nineties, and with the Giants pitching coaches he’s made great strides, but still has a long way to go.