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Potomac Nationals: Lando Calrissian Jersey

Star Wars Day is becoming a staple throughout MiLB, just about every team in MiLB has held a Star Wars Day by now. But, out all the uniforms, one stands out above the rest and that is Washington Nationals Class-A Advanced Affiliate Potomac Nationals.

This past June they paid homage to Lando Calrissian and the Cloud City with some pretty sick looking uniforms.




That is just cool.

The Nats are becoming more and more known for their one-of-a-kind jerseys having done several other jersey days, and each time they do a unique jersey, and they usually end up auctioning off the jerseys for a good cause. Which is good, these kinds of jerseys are the kind that shouldn’t be available to just buy at will. Honestly, these are the kinds of jerseys that are special and should be treated as such.

Here’s a shot of the Jerseys in action on Star Wars Day:


The storm troopers, the kids, are all awesome. Getting fans involved in the game only makes the experience better. And to top it all off, they have the Lando Jerseys. There have been plenty of Star Wars themed MiLB jerseys, but by far this one takes to cake.

The Potomac Nationals are the Single-A Affiliate of the Washington Nationals playing in the Class-A Advanced Carolina League playing in G. Richard Pfitzner Stadium. The Nationals started out as the Alexandria Dukes playing their inaugural season in 1978. In ’84, they moved and became the Prince William Pirates, and have been the Prince William Yankees, Prince William Cannons, Potomac Cannons and now the Potomac Nationals.

Their affiliations include the Mariners, Pirates, Yankees, White Sox, Cardinals, Reds and now the Nationals.

In addition, to Star Wars Days the Nationals have had various other themed jerseys, including SNL Night, where they wore jerseys paying homage to the Will Ferrell skit, a godfather themed jersey and a Captain-America themed jersey.

The Nationals have claimed 5 Carolina League Championship titles (1982, 1989, 2008, 2010, and 2014) as well as eight division titles. They also earned the Carolina League Northern Division in 2013.