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Norfolk Tides Minion Jerseys

In the latest cartoon/MiLB crossover, the Norfolk Tides are having a Minion Jersey Night, a fresh and fun theme for kids of all ages(and adults).


Per the Norfolk Tides Facebook Page, the Tides will auction off the jerseys during the game via a silent auction with the proceeds benefiting the United Way of South Hampton. The winners of the auction will get the jerseys right off the players back. The Tides will also have a “lost” minion, as well as various other Despicable Me/Minion, themed things throughout the game. How cool!

There have been other cartoon themed crossovers by other MiLB teams but among the younger kids, the Minions (and Despicable Me) have been popular. So it’s neat to see a MiLB team trying to draw in fans of all ages. The Norfolk Tides are the Triple-A Affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles playing in the International League. I’ve previously written about them, which you can read the posts here. Today’s featured prospects are Pedro Beato and Corban Joseph.

Pedro Beato, RHP 



Dominican reliever with a solid pitcher’s frame. Fastball sits around 93 mph with decent movement. Also throws a subpar mid-80s slider. Has used a curveball and a changeup in the past, neither of which were terribly impressive. Has struggled with inconsistent control over periods of his career.

Corban Joseph, 2B 


From FanGraphs: 

The selection here of Joseph as Cistulli’s Guy marks an instance of the former allergy. Following a successful campaign at Triple-A in 2012 as just a 23-year-old, a combination of injury and underperformance rendered his 2013 season less successful. Nor did his 2014 season represent a great improvement. After it, he was released by the Yankees and then spent the 2015 season with (first) Atlanta’s and (then) Baltimore’s Double-A affiliates.

That’s not an inpiring resume for a 26-year-old, but the basic collection of skills persist. Joseph makes contact. And possesses modest power. And plays second base.



Norfolk Tides Armed Forces Night

With Memorial Day coming up at the end of the month, it’s no surprise that the Norfolk Tides had an Armed Forces Night with the digital camo jerseys below.

Now that’s cool. I’ve seen other Military Appreciation jerseys, like the one below from the Round Rock Express (which had the names of submitted Military members).

Round Rock Express

Or this one from the Tacoma Rainers

Tacoma Rainers
Of these three (I’m sure there are more, but these are the ones I found in researching for this post) I like the Norfolk Tides uniform best. The digital camo is cool and shows solidarity (in my opinion) that we all support our Armed Forces, whether they be active members or military veterans. It’s an honor to serve our country, and itis good to see MiLB showing appreciation to our veterans.  The Norfolk Tides are the Triple-A Affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles playing in the International League. The team began it’s history in the South Atlantic League in 1961 as the Tidewater Tides. Today’s featured prospects are Christian Walker and Trey Mancini.

Christian Walker, 1B/OF 


Going into 2015, Walker was a highly touted prospect for the O’s but a disappointing 2015 saw his stock slide a bit. He’s projected to be a quality hitter down the road as seen here.  However, Walker’s limited mobility and his lack of defense will keep him playing either at first or as a DH if he ever makes it to the big leagues especially given that Walker is a top ten prospect will Chris Davis ahead of him.

Trey Mancini, 1B


Mancini is another power hitter for the O’s, another hitter who has raw power, but doesn’t draw a ton of walks. As well doesn’t have the greatest glove. He’s more akin to Steve Pierce and is another top ten prospect for Baltimore. He has all the makings of a major leaguer-natural talent, raw power, major league size and is an offensive juggernaut in the minors. As his glove gets better its only a matter of time before he finds himself playing in Camden Yards.