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Lancaster JetHawks Star Wars Day

Good vs. Evil. Dark vs. Light. The Red LightSaber vs. The Blue Light Saber. The Empire against the Rebellion. These are the important things in life. Just as the KZoo Growlers are including their fans into a theme day, the Lancaster JetHawks are as well bringing in their fans, to see which Jersey they should don on Star Wars Night June 17. Rebel vs. Empire. They’re letting the fans decide.


As is the case with all the unique game day jerseys the Lancaster JetHawks will be auctioning them off. I would assume its for charity, as that has been the case every other time. Good jerseys for a good cause. Like the Potomac Nationals, The Toledo Mud Hens, and various other teams, the JetHawks are imploring the Star Wars Day. Really, this is becoming the norm for MiLB teams (to implore a Star Wars Day that is). Before I digress too much, this jersey is cool simply for the fact that its engaging fans to answer the age old question of the Rebellion vs. the Empire. How cool.

The Lancaster JetHawks are currently a Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Houston Astros a part of the California League. Their nickname is an homage to the surrounding aerospace industry. As well, they play their games at the Hanger. The JetHawks are the sixth incarnate of the Reno Silver Fox

The JetHawks are the sixth incarnate of the Reno Silver Fox. The Silver Fox’s inaugural year was in 1942 and they existed off and on from then until 1992. The Silver Fox first played in the Sunset League from 1947 to 1949 during which they were affiliated with the New York Giants. in 1950 and ’51 they were an independent team in the Far West League. In ’55, they joined the California League, became affiliated with the Brooklyn Dodgers in ’56 and even after the Dodgers moved to LA. In ’63 and ’64 they were affiliated with the Pirates. In ’65 they didn’t even play ball, coming back the next year as an independent team. From ’66 until ’74 they were affiliated with the Indians. In ’75, they became a Twins affiliate, a Padres affiliate in ’76. An affiliation which lasted until 1981.

The second incarnate of the Silver Fox was the Reno Padres, who existed from 1981-1988. The Silver Fox returned in ’88 and played unaffiliated until ’92 when for their last season as the Silver Fox they were affiliated with the Oakland Athletics.

The third incarnation of the Silver Fox followed the 1992 season when the team moved to Riverside California and became the Riverside Pilots affiliated with the Seattle Mariners. The Pilots had a short existence playing only from ’92-’95. The Final incarnate of the Silver Fox happened when the Pilots moved to Lancaster following the 1995 season and became the Lancaster JetHawks.

In their history, the JetHawks have won six League titles (1960, ’61, ’75, ’76, 2012, ’14) and four division titles (2004 (first-half), 2008 (first and second half), 2014 (first half).

Little fun fact: The JetHawks have had eight players hit for the cycle in their history.