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Fireflies reveal glowing jerseys

Wednesday, the Columbia FireFlies unveiled their uniforms for their upcoming inaugural season in Columbia, SC. The fireflies are the Mets’ Class-A Affiliate, replacing the Savannah Sand Gnats (who have relocated to Columbia, if you didn’t know).

As soon as they were unveiled everyone across the internet was quick to bask in their awe, as parts of the jersey glow in the dark.

That is by far the coolest part about the Fireflies uniforms, they’ve taken a quite literal and cool approach to their mascot. How else could you take a firefly and make it cooler? I can’t think of one. To be honest, before this I hadn’t thought of a firefly as being cool. But that’s just my own opinion. fireflies_uniforms

By far one of the coolest things about baseball in this various alternate uniforms (and new ones, in this case) that Teams employ to be unique and bring another cool element to the game.

What a time to be alive.