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1909 Guthrie Senators

Todays post features the 1909 Guthrie Senators of the Western Association. By, far the hardest team I’ve had to research, there’s not much about them publically. Their Wiki article yields next to nothing. You can find plenty on Baseball-Reference (albeit its all stats), but as far as Jerseys and Logos, they’re a hard team to do research on. I did manage to find a team picture from 1909, however (courtesy of


What I find weird are those jerseys, I mean, to me it looks like they’re wearing a C, not a G. I couldn’t even find any information on who they Senators were affliated with (maybe the Reds?), if they were a Reds affiliate that would explain the C. That still seems unlikely though, so it’s really an odd and fascinating find. Baseball Reference also shed some light on one of their managers, Charlie Bennett. Bennett, is my favorite deadball era player and I didn’t realize that he managed the Guthrie Team.

Bennett was a major leaguer for 15 years, setting numerous records including fielding percentage in 1882 (.962), Putouts in 1886 (445), Double Plays  in 1887 (114), and Games Played (954).  Noted Sabermatician Bill James wrote that Bennett was the greatest defensive Catcher of the DeadBall Era. Bennett played for several teams, including the Detroit Wolverines, who won the 1887 NL Pennant and defeated the St. Louis Browns to win the World Series that year. Despite only playing 46 games that season (due to injury) Bennett had the sixth highest Defensive WAR rating, and had an OBP of .363. In his only World Series Bennett hit 9 RBI’s, had 11 hits, a triple, stole five bases, and scored six runs.