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Great Lakes Loons throughout their history

Update: Here is the new look for the Loons as provided by 


This weekend the Great Lakes Loons are hosting their 10th annual kickoff event and part of the inaugural event will included an updated logo and updated uniform. Since the team came to Midland, MI in 2007 they have been a Single-A affiliate of the Los Angeles Dodgers and this has been there primary logo


And these three images have been their cap insignia since their inception




The Loons have only been in Midland since 2007 but their team history goes back to 1982 when they where the Springfield (IL) Cardinals, boasting this logo:


The cardinals played in Lanphier Park from ’82 – ’93 as a Single-A affiliate of the St. Louis Cardinals and the declining condition of their park led the team to relocating to Madison, WI where they became the Madison Hatters playing their games at Warner Park.

Still the Single-A Affiliate of the Cardinals the Hatters had a team logo of


And a cap insignia of


Only staying in Madison for year the Hatters moved to Battle Creek Michigan at the end of the ’94 season when they became Michigan Battle Cats, playing their games at C.O. Brown Stadium.

They had a team logo that looked like so


And there caps bore the insignia of


From ’95-’98 the Battle Cats were the Single-A affiliate of the Red Sox, and then from ’99-’02 they were affiliated with the Astros. In 2003 they became affiliated with the Yankees and became the Battle Creek Yankees.

The team logo looked like this:


And the teams cap bore an insignia of:


In 2005 their affiliation with the Yankees ended, they became affiliated with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and they became the Southwest Michigan Devil Rays.

The team logo looked like this:


And the cap logo was this:


Following the 2006 season they moved to Midland Michigan and became the Great Lake Loons affiliated with the Dodgers and here we are ten years later with the next chapter in the teams logo and cap insignia history.