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Frederick Keys Hey Arnold Jersey

Last year the Frederick Keys had a Rugrats Jersey for the 90s Nickelodeon Jersey, and they’re at it again, this time with Hey Arnold Jerseys, check them out below.


For the Mid-Late twenty-somethings (myself included) this is an excellent throwback filled with nostalgia. It’s one of several Nickelodeon Jerseys I grew up watching, and it’s refreshing to see a MiLB team sporting a jersey from that time.  The more I see themed nights like this from MiLB teams, the more I wonder why MLB teams aren’t doing jerseys like this.

I know that there are MLB teams that pay homage to the Negro League and the Mexican fanbase (the Brewers are the only team I can think off of the top of my head), but jerseys like this go well beyond that. The Frederick Keys are the Class-A Advanced Affiliate for the Baltimore Orioles named for Star Spangled Banner poet Francis Scott Key.

Today’s featured prospects are Josh Hart and Tanner Scott.

Josh Hart, OF


The Orioles picked up Hart in the 2013 Supplement Draft, where they gave him $1.45 million. They thought highly of his potential that he has yet to reach, but still has all the tools to do so. Harts best defensive skills lie in playing center-field. He was only 20 during the 2015 season, so there is still plenty of time for Hart to live up to his potential.

Scouting grades: Hit: 45 | Power: 30 | Run: 60 | Arm: 40 | Field: 55 | Overall: 40

Tanner Scott, LHP 


Scott has hit 100 MPH on the gun before,  in 42 1/3 innings last season, the 21-year-old struck out 60 batters and posted a 3.83 ERA. His heater is currently the only useful pitch in his repertoire and he has work to do on his secondary pitches before he can be a reliable starter. If he relied solely on his heat, he could fast track as a late inning reliever, but it seems for now that Scott wants to be a starter.

Scouting Grades

Pitch Type Present Grade Future Grade Sitting Velocity Peak Velocity Report
FB 60 70 93-96 98 Velocity: 70/80
Movement: 50/50
Command: 30/40
SL 40 50 85-86 87 Movement: 50/50
Command: 30/40

Frederick Keys Green Jersey

I thought I’d move away from the MiLB history for my next post and go to the unique jerseys that served as an inspiration for me starting this blog. Today, the Frederick Keys and their “Green Jerseys” that the team wore in part with the Living Legacy Foundation (a non-profit dedicated to organ and tissue donation).

As well, per the tweet above they had Green initiative around the park, during the game. To see MiLB teams have nights like this is cool, and its something that I think the MLB needs to adopt themselves. As of late there have been so many discussions about “making baseball fun again” and I think MiLB is already doing that with nights like this. Per every unique jersey night, the Keys auctioned off the jerseys and there are still some available to bid on (the proceeds go to the Living Legacy Foundation).

The Frederick Keys are a Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Baltimore Orioles, I’ve written about them before (with their Rugrats Jersey) which you can read about here. Typically, I focus on the team history. However, I have done that with the Keys already, so instead I’m going to focus on a player in Frederick Keys History.

Clyde Barnhart


Barnhart played for the Pittsburgh Pirates from 1920 until 1928 and was apart of their 1925 World Series Championship. He made his MLB debut in 1920 hitting  .326 in 46 at bats in 12 games. Barnhart played for Frederick (called the Hustlers back then) from 1915-1917.  The Pirates were constantly dissatisified with his performance, which hindered him from ever being a full time starter with the Pirates. Towards the end of his career he was plagued with injuries and finished his career with the following stats:

Career statistics:

Career 814 2673 788 121 61 27 404 436 265 149 .295 .360 .416 100

Barnhart is the only major league player to get hits in three games in one day. He collected hits in each game of a rare triple-header played on October 2, 1920.

Frederick Keys Rugrats Jersey

Many people have argued and continue to argue that baseball needs a way to draw in the millennials and younger generations. I present exhibit A as evidence that baseball is finding ways to draw in the younger crowd.


This is the Frederick Keys Rugrats Jersey, and that is a show that millennials (myself included) grew up watching. This jersey is cool and I had wished I could have watched it. It brings out so much nostalgia for me. I remember watching the Rugrats when it first started, as well as the movies which accompanied it, and the memories that go along with the Rugrats (mostly passing long car rides watching the Rugrats go to Paris). ‘

Here you can see the jersey in action.


Photo: Courtesy of

The Frederick Keys are the Class-A Advanced affiliate of the Orioles based out of Frederick, Maryland. Their nickname pays homage to Francis Scott Key, the Star-Spangled Banner author. The Keys play their home games at Harry Grove Stadium.

Before they were the Frederick Keys, the Frederick team was a founding member of the Blue Ridge League, from 1915 until the league collapsed at the end of the 1930 season. During that time span, the Frederick team  had several different nicknames including the Hustlers, Champs, and Warriors. In addition, they won the Blue Ridge League Championship in 1915 and 1921.  The Frederick team from that period produced several notable players including Chick Fullis and Rollie Hemsley.  When the Blue Ridge League went under baseball wouldn’t return until 1989 with the arrival of the Keys.

Chick Fillis

Charles “Chick” Fillis was a professional baseball player for eight seasons, playing the New York Giants (’28-’32), the Philadelphia Phillies (’33-’34) and finally the St.Louis Cardinals(’34,’36) playing mostly as a center fielder.


Fillis with the NY Giants courtesy of Wikipedia 

Fillis has a career Batting Average of .295, 12 home runs, and 167 RBIs. His best season came in 1933 when he led the NL in at-bats (647), singles (162), putouts (410), posting a .309 BA, 200 hits, 91 runs, 31 doubles, 18 stolen bases while helping the Cardinals win the ’34 World Series. Fillis spent three years with the Frederick team-1924, 1925, 1926.

Rollie Hemsley

Ralston “Rollicking Rollie” Hemsley played nineteen seasons in the MLB as a catcher, playing with the Pittsburgh Pirates (’28-’31), the Chicago Cubs (’31-’32), the Cincinnati Reds (’33, ’42), the St.Louis Browns (’33-’37), the Cleveland Indians (’38-’41), the New York Yankees (’42-’44), and the Philadelphia Phillies (’46-’47).


Hemsley with the St. Louis Browns courtesy of Wikipedia

Hemsley has a career batting average of .262 with 1,321 hits and 555 RBIs. He had 5,047 at-bats in 1321 games and hit 31 home runs, had a .311 on-base percentage and a .360 slugging percentage along with a career .978 fielding average. His best years came when he played for the Browns in ’34 and ’35 hitting .309 and .290 respectively hitting seven triples both years as well. In ’35, he made the all-star team and finished 9th in MVP voting. Two years later he found himself being traded away after violating team rules.

Specifically, it was Hemsley’s battle with alcoholism that led him to be kicked off the Browns, as well has three other teams. After his playing career, Hemsley would coach for the Philadelphia Athletics, the Washington Senators, and the minor league Columbus Red Birds.