Tennessee Smokies Star Wars Night

Until about two seconds ago, the Potomac Nationals had the coolest Star Wars Jersey I had ever seen. That changed when I saw this jersey from the Tennessee Smokies.

han solo smokies

Seeing Han Solo frozen in Carbonite was one of the defining moments of Star Wars for me. There are three of those moments really when Luke says No to “Luke I am your father” and also when Han replies “I know” to Lei saying “I love you.” To me, those are the three greatest moments in the original Star Wars Trilogy.

So you can imagine how much I geeked out when I saw this tweet. It is awesome. Hands down, no other Star Wars Jersey can compare. I’ll never be convinced otherwise. This jersey makes all the tweets and sites I scroll through looking for jerseys worth it.

To see unique things like this-I can’t even describe how awesome I think it is. For me it solidifies the argument that MiLB is more entertaining than any other form of organized baseball.

The Tennessee Smokies are the Double-A Affiliate of the Chicago Cubs playing in the Southern League and the franchise history in East Tennessee dates back over one hundred years . Today’s featured prospects are Billy McKinney and Mark Zagunis.

Billy McKinney, OF


McKinney is currently the number two Cubs prospect according the MLB Pipeline having come to the Cubbies via the Jeff Samardzija trade in 2014. McKinney hits for contact and gets on base at a high rate. His defense is average to below that but he makes up for that at the plate, hitting a lot of contact consistently and being selective in his swing selection, giving him a high OBP, here’s an example of said swinging selection.

Mark Zagunis, OF 


Zagunis is currently number nine on the same MLB Pipeline list. As noted by both Baseball America and MLB Pipeline he has the best plate discipline in the Cubs System. He has the athletic ability to play both corners in outfield, but is lacking on some arm strength. Chicago is loaded in the outfield, so he may never make it the majors with them, but he is valuable prospect regardless.


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