Stockton Ports Asparagus Jersey

The talk around MiLB Jerseys has been a Philly Cheesesteak jersey, but I think the Stockton Ports annual Asparagus Jersey is much cooler.

It’s that much cooler because asparagus really isn’t that cool (I don’t know any kid who likes to eat their green vegetables) and the Ports still rock the jersey regardless. A quick Google search shows that they’ve been doing this jersey for some years now, which is even better. They’ve made a green vegetable a tradition. That’s a hard feat to accomplish in my humble opinion.

The history of the Stockton Ports dates back to 1941 when the Stockon Flyers established as a member of the California League, as an affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels. During WWII, the league suspended play, and the Flyers became resurrected in 1946 as the Stockton Ports. That same year the Ports won their first pennant title. The next season (’47) the Ports would win 26 straight games on their way to winning a second consecutive California League Pennant, and the winning streak is still a California League record. The ’47 Ports are #98 on the list of the greatest 100 MiLB teams ever (per baseball historians Bill Weiss and Marshall Wright).

Following the ’72 season the Ports would disband and be resurrected in ’78 as an affiliate of the Seattle Mariners, and during the 80s were the winningest team in all of Minor League Baseball. Another cool tidbit is that the Ports renamed themselves to the Mudville Nine in ’01 and ’02 in honor of the Ernest Thayer poem.  As of 2005 they’re an affiliate of the Oakland Athletics.

The Ports have won league titles in 1946, 1947, 1963, 1965, 1969, 1980, 1986, 1990, 1992, 2002 and 2008.




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