Albuquerque Isotopes: Better Call Saul Jersey

With the season upon us, many MiLB teams have been announcing their promotional days through social media. Most recently, the Albuquerque Isotopes announced that they’re going to have a Better Call Saul Day in the upcoming season.


Better Call Saul Day will occur on August 6th and afterwards the fans will have the opportunity to take home the jerseys with a silent auction.

Also, to Better Call Saul Day the Isotopes will have a Holly Holm day on April 16.


Breaking Bad has been a worldwide cult phenom and even inspired the spinoff Better Call Saul. The Isotopes are doing something fresh and incorporating a New Mexico-based showed into their uniforms. Rarely is a tv show filmed near where a team plays and the Isotopes are taking full advantage of that.

The Isotopes are the Triple-A Affiliate of the Colorado Rockies based in Albuquerque, New Mexico playing in the Pacific Coast League. Their nickname is an homage to the long-running Springfield Isotopes on The Simpsons. Despite having been in existence since 2003, the Isotopes are a modern incarnate of the Salt Lake City Bees, who played in the PCL from 1911 until 1984. Originally the Bees were called the Salt Lake City Skyscrapers but in 1914 the class-D Union Association (the league the Scrapers were a part of) folded and businessman Bill Lane brought the San Francisco Missions to Salt Lake City and dubbed them ‘the Bees’. The Bees moved to Hollywood following the 1926 season. However, another Bees team arose playing in the Utah-Idaho League from 1926-1928 winning the league title in ’28.

The third incarnate of the Bees was formed in 1939 and played in the Pioneer League winning League titles in 1946 and 1953. The Bees would return to the PCL in 1958 and won the league title in 1959 before again leaving the PCL in ’65. The Bees would join the Pioneer League and become the Salt Lake City Giants as affiliates with the Giants. In ’69, they returned to the PCL and became the Salt Lake City Angels a member of the California Angels. The team became the Salt Lake City Gulls following the 1975 season. In ’85, the Bees moved to Calgary and became the Calgary Cannons.

The Cannons stayed in Calgary from 1985-2003, holding affiliations with the Mariners, the Pirates, the White Sox and the Marlins. Over 400 MLB players donned a Cannons Jersey including the likes of Alex Rodriguez and Jim Abbott. In January 2001, he Cannons were sold by team owner Russ Parker to a group in Albuquerque, New Mexico citing six years of financial losses.

In 2003 the Albuquerque Isotopes were formed as an AAA affiliate of the Marlins (2003-2008) following the ’08 season, the Isotopes became affiliated with the Dodgers until 2014. The Isotopes are currently affiliated with the Dodgers.



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