Flint Arrows 1941

Flint, Michigan is a place that many people generally don’t associate as having a strong baseball history. However, there was once a point in time when Flint was once a big hub for minor league teams. According to baseball-reference.com, there were six different minor league teams in Flint from 1889-1951(the Flint Flyers 1889-1890, Flint Vehicles 1906-1915 & 1921-1925, Flint Halligans 1919-1920, Flint Gems 1940, and the Flint Arrows 1941, 1948-1951). The last incarnate of minor league baseball in Flint was the Flint Arrows. Below you can see how their uniform looked in 1941:


Photo: Courtesy of baseball-birthdays.net

The Flint Arrows uniform is simplistic, and it features this cool looking F. You can’t really see the F on the uniform but it look exactly like it does on the cap. I personally like the Flint Arrows uniform, the uniforms of today can get fancy and outlandish (don’t get me wrong some of them are REALLY cool) but this uniform is the old style baseball that I love more than anything, I really wish I could have seen this uniform in action. 

The Flint Arrows played in Flint in 1941, and then again from ’48-’51. The ’41 Arrows were a Class-C affiliate of the Cleveland Indians in the Michigan State League while the ’48-’51 Arrows were affiliated with the Detroit Tigers playing in the Class-A Central League. The Arrows played their games in Atwood Stadium, which is now used by Kettering University for Football, Lacrosse and Soccer. The most successful year for the Arrows came in 1950 when the win the Central League and posted a record of 80-53, led along the way by Edwin Little with 17 home runs.

Here’s a picture of JFK speaking at Atwood in 1960:


Photo: Courtesy of Wkipedia.com

The photo above features Gene Woodling who was an outfielder for the Arrows. In 92 games with the Arrows, he posted a .394 BA in 386 at-bats while compiling 152 hits, 30 doubles, 5 triples, and 7 homers. In 17 major league seasons, he played with the Orioles, the Indians, the now defunct Washingon Senators and the Mets posting a career line of .284/.431/.817 with 1585 hits, 257 doubles, 63 triples, and 147 homers.

Flint isn’t the kind of place you’d associate with minor league baseball, but as it turns out the city has a rich history of it and pretty cool uniforms to go along with them.


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